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Ministry Trainees

There are a wide range of opportunities for ministry at Newcraigs. You can be part of a small team as you give your time split between three areas – training and study, ministry and practical service.


About the Role


Who is it for?


Being a Ministry Trainee is an opportunity to devote a year or two of your life to training and service in the life of a local church. The scheme is open to men or women,  who are open to the Lord’s leading and want to gain ministry experience. The range of ministries are many and varied and we will provide opportunities to specialise as the year progresses. If you feel called or gifted in a particular direction, we will explore that with you. And we will also be exploring what the Lord’s further plans may be – this scheme is just one step, after all. Practical service involves helping to facilitate the church's many ministries throughout the week. It will include office work and welcoming visitors to our building.

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