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As a church, we are totally self-funding, through members’ offerings.

These are used to serve and invest in the gospel work of the church and

wider ministry.


At home: Ministers’ and part-time support, evangelistic events, children's and youth work, resources,

repairs to the building and renewals of equipment, visiting preachers, training, printing, stationery,  

teaching materials and church office expenses.


Elsewhere: support for missionaries and international workers, support for individuals and organisations in this country, support for those training for ministry, gifts to other mission organisations.


If you are a taxpayer please complete and return the Gift Aid Declaration via Stewardship Services. As a registered charity this allows us to claim back 25% of all you give from the government, which of course greatly enhances your contribution to the church at no cost to you whilst allowing us to fund even more ministry.


We also take an offering every Sunday, and you are free to place your offering in the collection for the general fund or in the box in the main foyer. You can give weekly or monthly.


What is most helpful of all to us is if you set up a Standing Order with your bank, so the money is transferred at the same time each month automatically.


Above all this provides an opportunity to worship God as we invest in Kingdom work for the glory and fame of King Jesus.


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