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Who are we?


Welcome to the website of Newcraigs Evangelical Church. As a Church based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, we are called Newcraigs because of being located between the Newliston, Blackcraigs and Redcraigs housing schemes. We are called Evangelical because we take the bible seriously. We believe that God speaks and reveals himself by His Spirit through His Word and so we are committed to solid teaching from the Scriptures week in week out.


We’re a group of ordinary people who have been rescued by an extraordinary God. We believe that while our sin is a huge problem, God has an even bigger solution. Jesus came into our world to live a life on our behalf, die a death in our place and rise again from the grave to offer us a new life with him.


This is the good news that has saved us, transformed us and swept us up into a whole new family (the church).  At Newcraigs we are really keen to see all people come to know God through Jesus and be saved.


Our weekend gatherings are special times together when our church family meet as one. We hear what God has to say to us in his Word, the bible. It is always a time of encouragement and challenge. It leads to the praise and glad service of God.


We also get to know each other as we speak to one another during the meeting or over coffee afterwards. We build friendships and help each other live lives that truly honour the One who died for us. We are simply a typical bunch of people who in many ways have nothing particularly ’special’ about us. At times we rejoice and at times we hurt or are disappointed. We struggle with many of life’s difficult issues just like others around us.


However, there is one thing that sets us apart. As Christians, we all share the most profound experience imaginable. God has forgiven us of our wrong doings on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross, in our place, two thousand years ago!

This forgiveness enables us to lead a new life in Christ and has established us as a part of God’s family, now and into eternity. Extraordinary! All we do when we meet as a church grows out of this reality. It is truly life changing. It is a message we long to share.


Our Vision and Mission


MAGNIFYING God, having a high view of church through MEMBERSHIP by belonging and serving in MINISTRY and living out in MISSION with the key to it all being MATURITY in Word and Prayer as we grow in Christ. We give glory to God by making disciples of all nations as we REACH, BUILD & SEND


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