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We all love stories. We can't help it. They fill our vision and capture our heart. And these stories all follow familiar patterns: rags to riches; the monster defeated; love lost and then found again. Across the ages and down through history these themes have resonated with people. Is it possible that these themes go deeper than the story books? Could it be that we tell such stories because we are in such a story. And might the ultimate Hero have shown up, turning it all from fiction to fact. That's the claim of this book.

Easter is God's passionate love for those who deserve the opposite. In this wonderfully written little book, Glen explains the Easter message of God's breathtaking love in a way that is clear and concise. It includes the Bible text as Glen explains it, and the language he uses makes it suitable for someone who has never read the Bible. He answers sceptics and doubters, showing the reasonableness of the true story of the ultimate death busting hero.

It is the perfect book to give to neighbours, colleagues and friends this Easter. Before you give it away, though, take the time to read it for yourself and bask again in the wonders of God's love in Christ as Glen explains from Genesis to Revelation the A to Z of God's love. Buy a copy for £1 and why not buy a copy to give away. Available from the church.

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