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REGENERATION is the challenge to how we reach our generation with the good news of the gospel as we develop our ministries of gospel proclamation alongside practical action both locally and globally. It’s the challenge to how we develop our building to be in line with our vision so that it better supports our ministries, radically improves our welcome and significantly enhances the visibility of our presence in the town.


Newcraigs Church is growing as a community where Jesus is central, the Bible is taught and people matter. From small beginnings in 1986 God has honoured the vision of the founding members and now He continues to challenge us to go deeper in following Jesus with a focus on mission as we reach our generation with the Gospel.


We have a vision for discipleship as we build each other up in the gospel and send people out to serve Jesus faithfully for a lifetime. It’s very exciting to be part of what God is doing.. But as our vision grows, so do the challenges. There comes a point where we must face them.


Meeting these challenges – alongside developing Bible teaching, family ministry and local and global mission - means stepping up our praying, our serving and our giving. The Leadership Team is convinced that the time to make that step change is upon us.


We believe this is the right time for a step change in two ways and we are inviting you to join us on the journey. Firstly, as we develop ministry as we look to expand our work in the community, amongst the children and youth in schools and church, amongst families, the poor, the needy, the vulnerable and the elderly.


REGENERATION isn’t about more staff and activity for their own sake, but so that more people can experience God’s generous grace in Jesus Christ through us. And secondly making plans and provision to rebuild on the current site. Again this isn’t ultimately about a building, but about what God can do through our building as we seek to be a beacon of grace and hope in Kirkcaldy.


Our vision is to provide a church centre at the heart of our community that will help to serve the local needs of people today and in the years to come. We envisage a building open to our community culminating in a meeting point of lives and a ‘theology of fellowship’ where we can share our lives and Jesus Christ with others.

Firstly a central entrance area which can function on many levels. This provides a ‘step over the threshold’ and onto other areas of the church building but more importantly provides a bridge into people’s lives for the gospel. The sanctuary area will be open and visible providing a place where people can go if they wish and get to know the building as time goes on.


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A cafe and fellowship area. Sunday is the key day when we can use the area before and after the services. An opportunity to continue meaningful fellowship in a relaxed space. Church meals can function better with the use of a dedicated space for eating as well as other times for meeting the needs of the church and community. A light and airy space with ample seating to accommodate a regular café and meeting point. A functioning kitchen to provide light refreshments and snacks as well as home-made produce and tea, coffee and cold drinks. An area to encourage members of our community to come and use the facilities within the boundaries of the church building.


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