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REGENERATION is a single project, based on a single vision to which God is calling us – a vision in which every one of us can be involved – but there are two routes to shaping your giving: giving towards the increased annual budget and giving towards the building project as we continue to make plans and provision to invest in Gospel ministry here in Kirkcaldy

REGENERATION is an inspiring and exciting, but challenging vision. There are several ways in which you can contribute towards it.


There are four main ways you can contribute to and donate to the new build.

On-line Giving

This is a preferred, quick, safe and simple way to give to the new build project. Please include Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer. We have set up a specific link to

Standing Order

If you are paying  a regular amount you can do so through setting up a standing order via your bank. If you are a UK tax payer, please be tax efficient by completing a Gift Aid declaration form with your giving. This only needs to be done once, and enables the church to reclaim from HMRC the tax you have paid on the amount of your gift.

Our church uses the services of Stewardship. Standing orders and any cheques for the building project need to be issued in the name of Stewardship Services. Further details from Rob Weir or Tom Bellfield.

Gift Days and Regular Sunday Collections

These can be made via cheque (payable to Newcraigs Evangelical Church for non tax payers and Stewardship Services for tax payers) or cash gifts. Please mark all donations ‘Building Fund’.

Annual & One off Contributions

It may well be an advantage to consider giving over two or three years for individual tax planning or if you would prefer to give immediately or your personal circumstances make it better for you to do so please speak to the Leadership.

Pledge an Amount

Please prayerfully consider how much you would be willing to invest. We recognise that individual circumstances may well change and in exceptional circumstances we can of course release donors from their pledge. This would be clearly the case in the event of the death of a donor. To avoid loss to the church, one option open to all of us  is to review the terms of our will to ensure the amount we have pledged is covered. You might want to consider how you could leave a legacy to the church in the future.

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