Bible Reading

This program was first issued in 2014 - please download and use this as a guide to read through the New testament in a year.

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Did you know there are 260 chapters in the New Testament? Did you also know that there are 260 weekdays in a year? You can read the whole New Testament throughout a year, from Matthew to Revelation. 


How you take part is up to you; you might read a chapter each morning before you start the day or go to work, or read together with your family around the dinner table. You might meet up with a few friends, once a week, to read and discuss that week's chapters, or catch up online during your lunch break.


What really matters is that we're listening to God, as he speaks to us through his Word. We want this to be as flexible as it can be. We don't want to stress you out by giving you another thing you "have to do", or make you feel guilty if you miss a day, but we hope that you can carve out some time this year for READ260. The aim is simple; to listen to God, as we read his Word together, and let him transform us.


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