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Bible Reading Scheme 2021

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It has been wonderful to hear how so many in the church family have found the Daily Bible Reading booklet a helpful tool as we have fed on God’s Word together over the past year. We are particularly thrilled at how well-received Timothy Keller’s devotional guide, ‘My Rock, My Refuge’ has been as an accompaniment to our daily readings in the Psalms.


This being so, we have produced a new Daily Bible Reading booklet for 2021, along similar lines to last year. Rather than reading through the Psalms, this year the first column of readings
will help us to explore the book of Proverbs. This column reflects the breakdown of Proverbs passages found in another of Keller’s superb devotional books, ‘The Way of Wisdom’.


We would very much encourage you to read this book alongside your daily
readings. The second column again takes us all the way through the New

Testament in a year. Each of the readings are deliberately kept short so

that we can enjoy the richness of God’s Word day by day.

We pray that 2021 will be a year during which we delight to sit
humbly under God’s Word, so that we might know Him
better and grow in our love for, and likeness to, the Lord Jesus.

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[Click on the above image to download

the 2021 reading scheme]