The ‘LIFE’ series is for anyone interested in exploring the meaning of life and the claims made by Jesus.

Jesus came into our world to live a life on our behalf, die a death in our place and rise again from the grave to offer us a new life with Him. This is the good news that has saved us, transformed us and swept us up into a whole new family (the church).  At Newcraigs Church we are really keen to see everyone come to know God through Jesus and be saved. 

'LIFE' is a seven part series that uses John’s Gospel to clear up the confusion about how we can come to know what life is about. Each session gradually reveals more about the identity and mission of Jesus and shows why he is the key to life and the one who can answer our big questions. It is an ideal course for anyone who wants to discover more about the Christian faith, either for the first time or in a deeper way. Ask questions, discuss and enjoy coffee & cake.

Week 1:    Jesus Our Creator

Week 2:    Jesus Our Rescuer

Week 3:    Jesus Our Satisfaction

Week 4:    Jesus Our Comforter

Week 5:    Jesus Our Substitute

Week 6:    Jesus Our Example

Week 7:    Jesus Our Life

More to Life is a nine part series helping people, who have done the ‘LIFE Course', explore more deeply the question 'What is the gospel?'

Week 1:    Why are we asking the           


Week 2:    What does the Bible say?

Week 3:    God

Week 4:    Man

Week 5:    Christ

Week 6:    Response

Week 7:    Kingdom

Week 8:    Keeping the cross central

Week 9:    The Power of the Gospel


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If you want to find out more about Jesus and Christianity, come along to the seven - part LIFE series.

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For over 2000 years people have been having their lives transformed by encountering Jesus Christ. Newcraigs Church is made up of people who’s lives have been changed by  Jesus. Hear the stories of how some members of our church family came to find out who Jesus is and how he’s changed their lives.  We hope you enjoy the short video clips showing people from all walks of life, from Christian families and from no Christian background at all, recalling how they came to have their own lives transformed by just such an encounter.